Monday, February 12, 2007

Walt's Nine Old Men - Disney Family Album

I'm currently in the process of posting on Youtube all of the Disney Family Album documentaries relating to Walt Disney's fabled "Nine Old Men". The Disney Family Album series aired on the Disney Channel in the eighties and included documentaries on 7 of the 9. There's much on the net about Frank and Ollie, Marc Davis and Ward Kimball. There's precious little about the remaining five. Milt Kahl, Eric Larson, and Woolie Reitherman all were subjects in the Family Album series and it's a joy to hear from these gentlemen, in their own words right from their own mouths, about their lives and careers. Les Clark and John Lounsbery had passed away before this series.

Each episode is 30 minutes long and is split into 3 parts. Frank's and Marc's were previously posted by someone else, along with parts 2 and 3 of Ward's. I posted the missing part 1 of Ward's, along with the complete 3 parts of Milt's, Woolie's, Ollie's and Eric's.

Ward Kimball

Frank Thomas

Ollie Johnston

Marc Davis

Milt Kahl

Woolie Reitherman

Eric Larson

Another episode I have posted is on Ken Anderson, Disney Art Director, Character Designer, and Imagineer.

Ken Anderson



Kevin Kyburz said...

Thank you for this great videos! I am a German Disney fan, some months before I wrote article about Woolie Reitherman with all informations, i can find ( it's german). The Family album episode about Ollie Johnston is a big help for my, because at the moment i write a article about his work.

Could you maybe upload some other videos? I don't know, how many of them exist.

Thank you,


Maz said...

Just wanted to add my thanks for posting these shows on Yoututbe. I have just finished the Frank Thomas show and wanted to find out about this show I have never heard of. A couple of Google searches led me to your Blog. I would have never have known about these shows without your help. They are awesome shows and I owe you a big Thank You for posting them. Gotta get back to watch the Ward Kimball next. Thanks again.


Amy said...

Thanks for posting! I had never heard of this series until I stumbled across your videos.

J. Thaddeus TOAD said...

Thanks a lot for sharing the videos! I am desperately looking for the show where Tony Baxter introduces his Discovery Bay project for Disneyland. Any idea??Thanks for helping me!!