Sunday, May 27, 2007

Freelance - Flash Cartoons for Intel

Here's some freelance work I recently completed with my buddy Les Harper of Lightbox Studios for Producto Studios out in California. Producto Studios was commissioned by Intel to create this series of Flash cartoons to promote their new processor. Producto wrote the scripts and did the storyboards, created character designs, sound fx, and original music while Lightbox handled the animation. I had a great time helping Les out with the animation on these and I think all 4 of them came out fantastic and look great. Les did the majority of the work, building the Flash models and doing most of the animation himself, but since this is my blog, we'll only be concentrating on my meager contributions. Click the text links to view the cartoons.

Power and Performance - I did the animation of the Weakling.

Wireless Connectivity - I handled the animation of the 2 kids.

Manageability and Security - Animated the Security Guard except for this overhead wide shot where he first wakes up.

Energy and Efficiency - Did the animation for the office worker in her "frazzled" state.


Ajay Karat said...

Hey Steve!
Hey thanks for every thing :) and these animations are looking awesome!

cousin Nancy said...

I am proud that you are doing what you love to do. You have been a great artist since you were little when you did your christmas card for that real estate company and the Beatles collage. Keep up the good work.

Andres Isaac Alvarez said...

Hello Steve, good too meet you came across this blog from the net. Actually the character designs and storyboards where done by my company

Animation Design Center

Kinda get little sad that John (Producto) never credits us for the work. He even did a full interview for CHF and never mentions us once, either way I'm still happy the work was done and the animation came out great!

Link too the work on my blog (if you could spread the word that would rock)