Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Adult Swim Panel at Dragon*Con

I forgot how much I hate Dragon*Con! Haha!

My buddy Adam over at posted a photo
of the Adult Swim panel in their Dragon*Con Gallery.

Saturday's Adult Swim Panel - The view from the front row.

I'm second from the left in the picture. The other guy in the back row with me there is Brian "Detag" DeTagyos, also an animator on Birdman. The 3 guys in front are Jay Edwards, Dave Willis, and Dana Snyder, the creators of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and the voice of Master Shake. We kinda lost space at the table because Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer from the "Venture Brothers" showed up and I didn't know they were going to be there. I knew immediately where most of the audience questions were going! Hell, I'm all fanboy myself over those guys. The Venture Brothers ROCKS!! I did get to talk to them a bit before the panel started.

Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick.
That's part of my face in the upper right, and that's my Wife, Liz's hair and wrist behind Doc.

Funny story... before the panel started I'm in a backstage area, sort of a "Green Room" and we could see the video feed from the main auditorium. So I get a call from Adam letting me know that he's right up front for the talk. So I glance up at the video and I see the back of a head that conspicuously looks like Adam's with a phone to his ear. So I'm telling him "I can see you! I can the see the back of your head!" So he starts looking around and I'm trying to get him to stand up and wave to the camera. It was bizarre... I guess you had to be there.... hehe!

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Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be a dick, but the guy in the middle of the top pic is Ned Hastings, ATHF editor.