Sunday, July 02, 2006

Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law

Probably one of the best things I get to do as an Animator on a show like Birdman is take a crack at animating a classic Hanna Barbera character, in this case Riccochet Rabbit, and really pay tribute to the cartoons I grew up with and loved as a kid. We have access to all the old wonderful model sheets. We are able to study video and frame grabs of the old shows and base our animation on what the past masters did, but also add our own touches and flair to make the new animation our own. Birdman is an animator's dream job. I've been able to animate Riccochet Rabbit, Shaggy, Speed Buggy, The Galaxy Trio, Morroco Mole, Quick Draw McGraw and Baba Looey among others!

FYI: Riccochet Rabbit appeared in the Birdman episode "X Gets The Crest" and was voiced by Mark Hamill, which added more to my fanboy lunacy since I'm also a big Star Wars fan.

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