Sunday, May 28, 2006

Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law

As Lead Animator on Harvey Birdman, I sometimes get to choose which scenes I'd like to animate. This one looked good in the animatic, so I requested it right away... HA!

This scene is from the Birdman episode Birdgirl of Guantanamole. This episode won Best Animated TV Show for Adults at the 2005 Ottawa International Animation Festival.
We are particularly proud of this honor since Adult Swim shows aren't typically recognized for their animation artistry, but for their writing. Birdman is a hilarious show... some of the best writing on Adult Swim, and I think we've proven that the animation is pretty darn good, too.


Patrick said...

Great work here on your blog! I will be checking back to see more for sure- thanks for the inspiration!

Ajay Karat said...

From that particular shot, I swear Birdman deserves to be the 'Best Animated TV Show for Adults'. Awesome work